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Word Peaks

What is Word Peaks?

Word Peaks stands as a modified version of Wordle, offering players the ability to specify the number of letters allowed in a given tile. This daily word game presents an enticing challenge where players receive two hints, guiding them to guess a six-letter word within six attempts. The game introduces the dynamic element of considering the alphabet position of each letter, making it a strategic and engaging word-guessing experience.


To navigate the world of Word Peaks successfully, players must grasp and follow the rules that define this unique word game:

  • Daily Play with Multiple Sessions:

    • Word Peaks is a daily game, but players have the flexibility to play more than once on the same day, expanding opportunities for word exploration.
  • Two Hints for Guidance:

    • Players receive two hints per attempt, such as a letter that is either too low or too high in the alphabet, aiding them in their quest to guess the six-letter word.
  • Alphabet Position Consideration:

    • After each guess, the tiles provide feedback on the alphabet position of the letters. Earlier in the alphabet is closer to A, and later is closer to Z.
  • Six Different Strategies:

    • Players need to employ a total of six different strategies to unveil the secret word, combining deduction and linguistic skills for successful guessing.
  • Distinct Words or Characters:

    • Each guess must contain at least five distinct words or characters, promoting variety and strategic thinking in each attempt.
  • Color Feedback:

    • The color of each letter changes after each attempt, reflecting how close the guess was to spelling the word correctly. Yellow indicates being too far up the alphabet, while blue signifies raising the position.


Word Peaks incorporates features that enhance the gameplay, making it an immersive and dynamic word guessing experience:

  • Daily Challenge:

    • Word Peaks offers a daily challenge, allowing players to hone their word-guessing skills on a consistent basis.
  • Flexible Play Sessions:

    • The game's flexibility enables players to engage in multiple play sessions within the same day, catering to different schedules and preferences.
  • Strategic Alphabet Positioning:

    • The consideration of alphabet positions adds a strategic layer to the game, challenging players to think critically about the placement of each letter.
  • Varied Hints for Assistance:

    • Two hints per attempt provide players with valuable guidance, helping them refine their guesses and inch closer to the correct word.
  • Interactive Color Feedback:

    • The changing color of letters after each attempt enhances the interactive element, offering immediate feedback on the correctness of the guess.

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