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Word Wonders

Words Wonders is a fun word game that requires you to combine individual letters to form words!

It combines crossword puzzles and word searches into one game. On the game board, there is a hidden puzzle and several letters. English words should be copied and pasted into the columns.

WOW requires you to put your brain to the test by writing and creating new words from scratch, then connecting them all to get the final crossword solution. Will you be successful in this vocabulary game? You'll have the solution in your head at times, but you'll have to guess at others because there aren't any more words to connect. This game is a great way to practice your searching, writing, and problem-solving skills.

Part by part While solving crossword puzzles and other challenges, you will travel the world. Connect the letters to solve the puzzle and visit a new country! Is there anything more enjoyable than traveling the world while learning new words and expanding your vocabulary?

How to play Word Wonders

Using Mouse

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