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Wordle squared

What is Wordle Squared?

Wordle Squared, a revamped version of the beloved Wordle, introduces an engaging grid-based gameplay that adds an extra layer of complexity to the word puzzle experience. While the concept remains rooted in solving a word problem, the inclusion of a grid and the ability to toggle between vertical and horizontal words bring a refreshing and intriguing twist to the classic game.


To navigate the world of Wordle Squared successfully, players must understand and adhere to the rules that define this captivating word puzzle:

  • Grid-Based Word Selection:

    • Players select a word by clicking on a space in the grid.
    • Clicking again toggles between vertical and horizontal words, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.
  • Guess Limit per Cell:

    • Each cell in the grid allows players 9 guesses to uncover all letters.
    • Players must utilize their guesses wisely to reveal the correct letters in the grid.
  • Color-Coded Feedback:

    • Green letters indicate that the letter is correct and appears in the given spot.
    • Yellow letters signify that the letter is present but not in the chosen spot.
    • Gray letters denote that there is no letter in the vertical or column word.


Wordle Squared incorporates features that enhance the gameplay and offer an immersive word puzzle experience:

  • Name Change for Intrigue:

    • A change in the name to Wordle Squared adds intrigue and freshness to the classic Wordle concept.
  • Grid Dimensional Challenge:

    • The grid-based gameplay introduces a new dimension, challenging players to navigate and strategize their word selections.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Word Toggling:

    • The ability to toggle between vertical and horizontal words adds a layer of strategy, requiring players to consider the orientation of each word.
  • Interactive Feedback Board:

    • The board on the right displays the guesses made by others, providing a collaborative and interactive element to the game.
  • Color-Coded Letter Feedback:

    • The color-coded feedback system offers visual cues, helping players adjust their guesses and inch closer to the correct solution.

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