What is Wordologic?

Wordologic is a free and enjoyable word-guessing game designed for players of all skill levels. Offering a set of four secret words hidden within a 4x4 grid, the game challenges players to decipher the words with the help of color-coded clues. With a limit of 10 attempts, Wordologic encourages language enthusiasts to put their word-guessing skills to the test and enjoy a rewarding linguistic adventure.


To navigate the world of Wordologic successfully, players must understand and follow the rules that define this immersive word-guessing game:

  • Four-Letter Word Challenge:

    • Wordologic presents players with the challenge of solving a set of four four-letter words hidden within a 4x4 grid.
  • 10 Guess Limit:

    • Players have a total of 10 chances to decipher the secret words, providing a balance between challenge and enjoyment.
  • Color-Coded Clues:

    • Color-coded clues are provided after each guess, guiding players closer to the correct answer.
    • Clues are given for each column and each row, aiding in the process of elimination and deduction.
  • Review Previous Submissions:

    • Players can look through previous submissions and clues using the guess counter, allowing for strategic analysis and adjustment of future guesses.
  • Pencil Notes and Locking Cells:

    • Wordologic allows players to highlight cells and take pencil notes for reference during the guessing process.
    • Locking and unlocking highlighted cells facilitates organized and informed future guesses.


Wordologic incorporates features that enhance the gaming experience and cater to players seeking an interactive and strategic word-guessing adventure:

  • Accessibility for All:

    • As a free game, Wordologic ensures accessibility for players of all backgrounds and skill levels.
  • Engaging 4x4 Grid Challenge:

    • The 4x4 grid adds a visual and strategic element to the word-guessing challenge, requiring players to navigate and decipher hidden words.
  • Color-Coded Clue System:

    • The color-coded clues provide an intuitive and visual guide, aiding players in the process of elimination and deduction.
  • Interactive Guess Counter:

    • The guess counter allows players to review previous submissions and clues, fostering strategic thinking and informed decision-making.
  • Pencil Notes and Cell Locking:

    • The ability to take pencil notes and lock/unlock cells enhances organization and allows for flexible and adaptive guessing strategies.

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