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ARAM Guesser

What is ARAM Guesser?

ARAM Guesser is a game that taps into the predictability of ARAM matches within League of Legends. With this game, players are tasked with predicting the victorious team based purely on the composition of champions selected during the draft phase. Can you decipher the potential outcome of an ARAM match solely by analyzing the team compositions?


In ARAM Guesser, the rules are straightforward yet intriguing. Players are presented with the champion drafts of two teams in an ARAM match. Your task is to analyze the compositions and predict which team has the upper hand. With a simple click, select the team you believe will emerge victorious based on their champion selections.


  • Predictive Gameplay: ARAM Guesser challenges your understanding of champion synergies, strengths, and team compositions in the fast-paced ARAM mode. It encourages strategic thinking and prediction skills.

  • League of Legends Insights: This game mode provides a unique insight into the dynamics of ARAM matches, allowing players to delve deeper into the intricacies of team compositions and their impact on the battlefield.

  • Interactive Interface: ARAM Guesser offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing players to engage effortlessly in predicting ARAM match outcomes.

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