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Borr Magic Puzzle

Are you a fan of puzzles? Are you always interested in new challenges? Then "Noob vs Pro - Tapping Challenge" is the perfect game for you! Test your skills, find out how fast you can tap and compete against players all over the world. In this new exciting game, you will be testing your reaction time and abilities to focus. If you think that sounds easy, well… It isn’t! This game is not as easy as it seems. You will have to complete different tasks with simple rules, but also very challenging. Moreover, it’s extremely addictive! So what are you waiting for? Come and download this fantastic game

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? This time you won’t find any princesses or magic bridges… Instead, you will face your own adrenaline. Are you willing to take this challenge? The Noob vs Pro Challenges are the best way to train your brain and test your skills. There is no second chance, so be careful! This time the heroes will face an evil magician who has trapped them inside a magic puzzle. They will need to find out all the secret codes and objects in order to escape from it. Sounds easy? So let’s begin this epic journey with our

Are you looking for a challenge? Something that will keep you on your toes and test your brain? Look no further! In this game, you will need to tap the correct blocks at the right time in order to destroy the evil bor and save the princess. This is a super challenging puzzle with lots of levels. You need to think ahead or risk restarting from the beginning again. It’s not easy, but if you like puzzles, challenges, heroquest etc – this one is for

This is a Magic Puzzle game with the characters of our favourite game, The Noobs vs Pro challenge! These cute little noobs are ready to take on the hardest challenges you can throw at them. They need your help to find all the hidden pieces and put them back together. How fast can you solve this magic puzzle? Find out now and share your result with

Adulting is hard, but not as hard as figuring out these tricky puzzles. You’ll need to think outside the box to solve these brain-twisting levels. Keep your eyes peeled and have a go at these tricky

How to play Borr Magic Puzzle

Using Mouse

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