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Clone2048 is a Pixel Match 3 Game where you have to merge different kinds of pixels, to create new pixel images. You can play this game with your friends on the same device or install it on as many devices as possible. The goal of the game is simple, combine similar-colored pixels to create new ones and eliminate all the matching pixels from the board. There are a variety of different kinds of backgrounds that help you out in this process. The more you acquire, the more challenging your gaming experience will be. Different kinds of backgrounds include grass, bushes, fences, and other natural things. However, there are also artificial elements such as wires and machinery that can harm your pixel creations.

In this game, you have to merge the matching pairs of the same color blocks to destroy them. The objective of this game is to match at least two similar colored blocks that are next to each other. The Gameplay is very simple, Drag and drop two blocks of the same color next to each other and they will be merged into one block. You have limited moves in this game, Once you use up your moves you will not be able to make any more matches. Your aim is to merge as many blocks as possible within the given time limit. Various types of obstacles such as zombies, laddies, balloons, etc are coming towards your base and your goal is to merge all matching blocks before they reach your base. 

In this game, you will be merging two elements in a certain number of steps. This is done by matching the 2 elements of the same type and copying them to another place. Once you finish merging, there will be only two elements left. The kind of challenges that come up in Clone2048 are endless! Let’s have some fun with this game!

A challenging 2048 tile game! Merge matching tiles to destroy the zombies. The merrier you are the easier it is for you. Be careful of other players though, they will try to disturb your merge attack and create an unfavorable chain reaction leaving you.


How to play Clone2048

Controls Left-click = place the soldiers Mouse-wheel = zoom in and out Space = pause

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