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Cube 2048

What is Cubes 2048?

Cubes 2048 combines a classic game with the game 2048. Your mission is to locate the cubes whose values are less than or equal to the number of tiles on your head.

Cubes 2048 is an addicting and one-of-a-kind multiplayer puzzle game that combines the popular Snake and 2048 games! Are you ready to make your snake grow as large as possible by collecting cubes and becoming the largest and most extensive snake on the screen?

Run through a stage filled with foes, avoiding the larger ones and devouring the little ones. Merge identical figures to raise the size and number of your cubes until you reach the highest figure and win the game.

Game Rules

You control a snake in this game, and your goal is to collect as many cubes as possible while protecting its head from being destroyed by other players' snakes. To reach 2048, they must continue squishing and combining cubes in order to add smaller cubes behind the head cube.

The arena is swarming with aggressive snakes that can consume smaller snakes and merge with cubes on any snake's back. These larger snakes should be avoided until they have a significant number of heads in their cube. They equip their snake with a range of speed boosters in order to outrun their opponents and eat smaller snakes.

How to play Cube 2048

Using Mouse

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