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Escape from Castle Claymount

What is Escape from Castle Claymount?

Escape from Castle Claymount is an interactive escape room game that places players in a locked castle room filled with enigmatic puzzles and clues. Players must navigate the room, investigate objects, gather clues, and solve puzzles to break free from the confines of the castle.

Rules and Gameplay

The game's premise revolves around exploring the room by clicking on arrows to look around and examining different parts of the room for a closer inspection. Players can click on objects to add them to their inventory, which might serve as tools or clues in their escape quest.


1. Interactive Exploration:

  • Players can explore the room by clicking on arrows and interacting with various objects. Each object may hold a clue or serve a purpose in the escape strategy.

2. Mysterious Clues and Objects:

  • The room is filled with mysterious items like a book, a camera, and blueberries, each potentially holding clues that aid in escaping or unlocking further puzzles.

3. Utilizing the Camera:

  • The camera feature allows players to take pictures of significant clues or items for future reference. However, the camera has a limit of storing only 6 pictures, adding a layer of strategy to the gameplay.

4. Cryptic Challenges and Symbols:

  • As players explore, they encounter cryptic papers, odd symbols, and random tools that contribute to the mystery and challenge of the escape room.

5. Hidden Clues and Unexpected Behaviors:

  • Clues might not always be obvious. Players need to keenly observe and interact with interesting objects, as some might behave unusually and reveal hidden clues.

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