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Jelly Run 2048

What is Jelly Run 2048?

Jelly Run 2048 is an extremely addicting casual game in the style of the puzzle game 2048, but with fantastic new gameplay - merge cubes with numbers x2 to get 2048 or more! Make your way to the end by linking and breaking into distinct cubes!

Game Rules

You'll go on an exhilarating arcade running journey in Jelly Run 2048, where your talents in combining cubes and navigating obstacles will be put to the test. Your mission as a jelly cube master is to control a moving jelly cube with a number and combine it with other cubes of the same number and color.

To finish each level, you must be alert and quick to dodge hazards that can diminish the number on your cube. You can improve your score and achieve the best outcomes by absorbing cubes with the same numbers. Keep a look out for bonuses that can double your number, allowing you to pass the coveted 2048 milestone.

You can also split your cube in half to traverse through small spaces and pick up the essential cubes along the route to overcome certain hurdles. Strategic decision-making and quick reflexes will be essential as you strive for maximum outcomes and test your abilities.

Prepare for a hard and addictive gameplay experience in Jelly Run 2048 as you run, combine, and overcome obstacles. Can you become the ultimate jelly cube master and surpass the 2048 milestone? It's finally time to find out!

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