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Melon game

What is Melon game?

Melon Game, fondly recognized as the Watermelon Game among its ardent Twitch followers, has captured the hearts of gaming enthusiasts on the Nintendo Switch and web browsers alike. This engaging merge game offers an enticing experience where players strategically stack various fruits to create the ultimate delight – the coveted watermelon. Let's explore the game's rules and features that make it an addictive and enjoyable pastime for gamers of all ages.

Game Rules

The primary goal of Melon Game is to merge different types of fruits by skillfully dropping them onto each other. The ultimate aim is to achieve the highest possible combination, culminating in the creation of the colossal watermelon.


  • Fruit Dropping: Players navigate through the game by dropping fruits onto a platform, aiming to align and merge them strategically.
  • Merging Fruits: When identical fruits collide, they combine to form a larger fruit. This process continues as players strive to build up to the prized watermelon.


  • Levels and Challenges: Melon Game typically progresses through various levels, each presenting unique challenges and fruit combinations to conquer.
  • Scoring: Success is measured by the size of the resulting fruits. The higher the merge and the closer to the watermelon, the better the score.

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