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Pico Park

What is Pico Park?

Pico Park stands as an immersive 2D puzzle game that challenges players to navigate through intricate puzzles designed to foster cooperative gameplay. The goal? Collect keys, clear the screen, and reach the ultimate destination. Embark on this adventure alongside small, cat-like characters, each boasting unique colors and the ability to maneuver independently or cooperatively.

Rules of the Game

The gameplay mechanics of Pico Park introduce a set of rules that set the stage for a thrilling cooperative puzzle-solving experience:

  • Key Collection and Goal: The fundamental rule is simple - "Get all the keys, reach the goal, and clear." However, across 48 levels, each designed for multiplayer, unique challenges and gimmicks await, demanding innovative cooperation to progress.

  • Gimmick-Rich Levels: As players navigate through levels, specially crafted challenges emerge, necessitating peer collaboration and inventive thinking. Consultation and collective brainstorming with peers are integral to surmounting these obstacles.

  • Adaptive Terrain: Each of the 48 levels adjusts its terrain based on the total number of players, ensuring an enjoyable experience regardless of whether you're playing with numerous friends or as a duo.


Pico Park doesn't merely offer puzzles; it encompasses a range of features that enrich the gaming expedition:

  • Flexible Levels: Every level in Pico Park demands cooperation, allowing players to clear stages by unlocking doors and reaching the goal, fostering teamwork and coordination among players.

  • Battle Mode: After conquering cooperative play, engage in a competitive Battle Mode against friends, adding a thrilling competitive edge to the gameplay.

  • Endless Mode: Complete the 48 stages? Embrace the challenge of Endless Mode, collaborating with friends to achieve high scores and witness your scores soar through teamwork.

  • Online Play Mode: Join forces with distant friends through Online Play Mode. Effective communication is key, making platforms like Discord or Zoom ideal for coordinating strategies while enjoying this multiplayer gem.

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