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About Travle

Travel from the Start Country to the End Country by naming countries. Try to arrive with as few guesses as possible.

Countries can be guessed in any order. To prevent exclaves from making new connections, you must name every country you would pass through.

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Game Rules

After each guess, you'll receive an emoji indicating how well the computer liked it.

  • Green: Guessing is the best option! You've taken one step closer.
  • Orange: That's a pretty good guess. You're on the right track... This country is close, but it is not on the shortest route.
  • Red: Guessing is not a good idea. Your guess is a significant deviation.
  • Gray: There is no way to travel by land from your guess to the target country. Please try again.

Direct jumps over water within a country are permitted, such as the Bosphorus in Turkey or between the Malaysian islands. Jumps that require you to travel closer to other countries, such as France -> French Guiana or Spain -> Ceuta/ Melilla, do not count.

Guesses that are unrelated to the Start Country are highlighted in gray.

How to play Travle


Using mouse

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