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Wheel of Rewards

Growing up, there were family board game nights almost every week. Once the kids got a little older, those games stopped and something new took their place – video games. Now that we’re adults with our own kids, it’s time to bring back the board games! We want to bring board games back for good this time. That’s why we built The Wheel Of Rewards to help you do just that. We have great Games and Apps page with more than 500 apps listed under various categories like Board Games, Educational Apps, Math Games, Word Puzzle Apps, Educational Apps for Kids, and so on. Each app has its own landing page with a detailed description of features, screenshots and user reviews so you can find the perfect game for your kid or anyone.

Wheel of Rewards is a fun and interactive quiz game that challenges players to answer general knowledge questions to win virtual coins. Players spin the “Wheel of Rewards” to get started, and from there answer multiple-choice questions correctly before time runs out to reach their final reward. Players can redeem their winnings in one of four areas: the Fashion boutique, the Hot Food stand, the Cool Video games area, or the Awesome Arcade. There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each area has different prizes available for winning virtual coins. 

It’s a race to the finish! Players take turns moving their racing tokens around the board. The goal is to land on your opponent’s peg and stay there as long as you can while they do the same. Each time you move around the board, you will spin the spinner and advance that many spaces based on what it lands on. The game has three different stages – easy, medium, and hard. If you land on an opponent’s peg more than once during a turn, then it counts as a double attack. Be careful because if your opponent does this to you three times during a game, then they win.

Wheel of Rewards is the ultimate free quiz game that rewards you with cash prizes, gift cards, and more! It’s fast, fun, and completely free to play. Answer a range of questions on topics like geography, science, sports, movies, music, and more. Each round is different because you’ll be asked a different set of general knowledge questions every time. Whether it’s something as obscure as weird facts or something as common as your favorite song or band.

Enter the Wheel of Rewards, a game where you spin to win rewards! Challenge yourself with trivia, puzzle, word, and arctic-themed HyperCasual mini-games. Answer questions correctly to spin the wheel and reach your goal before time runs out! Once you finish all four rounds, you’ll receive that round’s reward. Let’s begin the game now!

How to play Wheel of Rewards

Using Mouse

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