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Brain Teaser

Brain Teasers are that types of games, which require an immediate and quick thinking ability from the player. These types of games can be played by everyone. You do not need to be a genius or a pro in order to enjoy playing brain teasers. These are quite simple games and you will definitely recognize your own ability in them after playing them a few times. The key is the thinking process and the quicker you think, the easier it gets. There are different types of These games available online, some people love them while others find them pretty boring if played repeatedly. Anyway, they are a great source of entertainment and also build up your mind’s capacity at the same time! These games can be played as solitaire games or with other people in teams. 

Brain teasers are mental exercises that test your logical thinking skills, visual memory, and concentration. In order to solve a brain teaser you have to be very observant, think outside of the box, and at the same time remember some tiny detail that you read or saw in order to solve it. Brainteasers can come in many forms. Some might be simple word games where you just have to find a synonym for a given word, others might be more complex and require a bit more thought. They can always be challenging but also fun if you spend enough time on them and work on improving your logical thinking skills. 

This game is a great way to exercise your brain. The more you play the better it gets! In this game, you have to find all the differences between two images as fast as you can. Your goal is to find all the differences between two images as fast as possible. Click on the left image, click on the right image and see if you find any difference between them. If yes, then mark it by clicking on the blue circle with an arrow at its end. If not, then click on another image to check another one. Have fun playing this logic game.

Brainteasers come in all shapes, sizes, and difficulties. Below you will find some interesting brain teaser games to test your logic skills, puzzle-solving ability, and patience! To the right of each game, you will find links to Google Play (Android) or iTunes (iPhones) where you can download and play these games for free. 


How to play Brain Teaser

Controls Use your mouse to answer the questions.

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