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City Blocks

Are you a fan of classic match-3 games? Do you love designing and planning your city? Would you like to combine 3D and block-based gameplay to create your own unique city? If yes, then City Blocks is exactly for you! The game will allow you to build your own city by laying out its blocks. Each of the blocks can be used to construct buildings or landmarks that fit within the structure of the city. You can also merge 2 or more matching blocks together to create new ones with a greater appearance value. Locations of buildings in the cities are important as they determine their value and influence on others around them. To make sure that each building in your city has a decent value, we have provided you with detailed and strategic location cards. These cards will show the most ideal locations for specific types of buildings. Will you build an office complex next to a green area? Or will you place residential homes near an open space? 

If you are looking for a game that will test your brain and logic then this is the perfect game for you. The game was developed by a group of engineers and architects who worked on designing a puzzle game that’s both interesting as well as challenging. This puzzle is played with the assistance of two players, each player representing an architect who works to match together different coloured blocks in order to build a city. The beautiful thing about this game is that there are no specific rules or any limits regarding the number of levels or how many times you can play it. It’s completely up to you and your imagination. In case you are wondering what all these colours mean, they are representative of different materials such as brick, stone, wood, glass and so forth. 

Are you a city lover? Do you like playing games which test your brain and puzzle-solving skills? If yes, then, this game is for you! Do you remember the match 3 games we used to play as kids and how challenging they were? Well, this is not just a simple match-3 game. This is a combination of a variety of different matching games! The challenge lies in merging adjacent blocks matching two or more connected blocks) to break the chain and make it disappear from the board. The objective of this game is to clear all the tiles from the layout by making matches of three or more same-coloured tiles. When clearing a tile, we can choose to either: - Merge adjacent tiles so that the chain breaks. Or; - Remove the tile from the layout by clearing it from play. There are many ways to solve this puzzle game!

Do you have a knack for planning and strategizing? Do you enjoy a good puzzle game? This is the perfect match for you! In this game, your goal is to merge matching blocks in order to make increasingly larger sets of three. You do this by moving or rotating matching pieces until they line up and form a contiguous block. The bigger the sets of three get, the more points you earn! The player with the most points at the end wins. Are you up for the challenge? Here’s what you will need:

- A clear head—plotting out your strategy isn’t enough; you also need to stay focused so as not to get sidetracked.

- Patience—that’s right, this game requires it! You must keep working at it until you master it.

- An eye for detail…again, that’s right—you won’t win anything if the little things are

The gameplay of this game is pretty simple. Your goal in the game is to merge two adjacent city blocks. This can only be done by combining two adjacent blocks so as to make them one contiguous block. But how do you know which two adjoining blocks you need to merge? Well, that’s where our helpful layout comes into play. The layout has different coloured dots called “blocks” all over it with each block corresponding to an individual city block in real life. When you see a blue dot next to a green dot, for example, you have found a matching pair of city blocks to merge together! As you progress through the levels and unlock more difficult layouts, things get tougher and faster too. So good luck, and don’t give up if things seem too easy at first level.

How to play City Blocks

Controls Use the left mouse button to place new buildings on an empty tile

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