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Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

When the water in your home is dirty, it's hard to drink it or even use it. Luckily, you have a smart and resourceful solution: an ingenious puzzle that will send the water in your home sparkling clean! But as much as you love playing with puzzles, you need some time for yourself. That's why this new interactive logic game is perfect for any moment of your day. It'll keep you entertained no matter what else is going on in your life. To solve this challenge, you'll need to train your brain and logical thinking skills. There are 16 cups and balls hidden all around your house. They’re hidden in cupboards, under beds, inside books and more. The first player to spot all the hidden items wins! Sounds easy but look closer and the number of ways this can be challenged increases exponentially! 

A great puzzle game with a cute theme! This puzzle is designed for kids and adults alike - it can be played by anyone who has an interest in solving logic puzzles. Many people will see this sort of puzzle as something boring and uninteresting, but that is not the case here. In fact, solving this particular type of puzzle can be very rewarding. It only takes a little bit of wit to figure out how to solve certain types of puzzles like this one. The more you practice, the better you become at solving them. This game is based on logical thinking so it can help improve your mind if you play it for a little while every day. 

Explore the magical world of water cups and sort them to their matching color. The objective of the game is to match the colors of the different cups. So match the colors without making any mistakes and in a logical manner. If you are good at puzzles and enjoy matching colors then, this game is for you! Play this thrilling game as fast as possible and clear as many levels as possible. Don’t forget to explore all the different levels that have been unlocked by passing each level in this free online puzzle game! 

This is a fun-addicting puzzle game. In this game, you have to sort the colored water cups into matching groups of the same color. Match the right color before time runs out. However, if you match more than one cup of the same color then you will have to discard one of those cups and another one will be added to your opponent’s pile. If you are good at solving puzzles then this game is going to be a lot of fun for you!

- If you like logical games then this is going to be a great game for you!

- Also, if you want to test your brain capacity then this is going to be an awesome game for you

Have you ever come across an interesting puzzle that makes you think, observe and solve it? Well, if yes then we have the right article for you. In this post, we will be discussing the Water Sorting Puzzle or also known as the Blind Water Test. This is a simple logic-based game that challenges your logical thinking and also helps to improve your cognitive skills. With time passing, many different variants of this game have been developed but this classic version remains the most popular one.

How to play Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

Controls Use the left mouse button to choose the bottle.

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