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Little Wheel

This is a point-and-click mouse game. Play as a little wheel and make your way out of the city. Explore, solve puzzles and find items to help you on your way. Good luck!

The little wheel is a small and simple game about the life of a small little wheel on the streets. The game consists of several levels where you need to find all the objects that will help you reach your final objective. The little wheel lives on the streets and needs your help to reach his final destination. In each level you need to find all the items that are necessary to move forward, in order to solve the puzzle and reach your final goal. You can choose between 3 different modes: Easy, Medium and Hard, depending on your gaming skills :D 

This is a classic puzzle game with a modern set of rules. You play as the little blue wheel that rolls around and into various places in order to get 3 in a row. Puzzles start off easy enough but they quickly increase in difficulty. This is a game you will spend hours on and there are many different levels to unlock. The game is fairly cheap for what you get so it is well worth it even if you only play it.

In this point and click puzzle game you play as a little wheel that must move through a series of rooms and hallways to collect all the spheres. Along with your movement abilities, you also have a limited amount of energy to use for each room.

How to play Little Wheel

Controls Use your mouse to click on the marked objects on the screen to interact with them

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