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Plactions is an HTML5 game. Your mission is to overcome obstacles and solve different Logic Puzzles by finding the correct combination of items. You have limited moves, so use them wisely! - Game played in 2D; Platform game; Puzzle game; Obstacle course game; HTML5 game; Same dimension as your smartphone or tablet screen.

- 120 levels, more coming soon.

- Overcome obstacles and solve logic puzzles to find the right combination of items within a time limit and reach the exit door. Collect stars along the way for extra points and unlock special characters to aid you in your quest.

- Challenge yourself with increasing difficulty as you advance through levels but watch out for changing challenges that will get harder if you fail too many times. If that happens simply start again with a new level or try beating your personal score before moving on to another

It’s a piece of nonsense. A game that doesn’t make sense, but is so interesting that it just pulls you in. And once you are in it, you can’t wait to see what will happen next. No logic is required here; players need only a little bit of imagination and an excellent memory to solve these clever best part. You’re not even aware of how clever you are until someone points it out to you.

Plactions is a 2D logic puzzle game with simple rules and great gameplay. It will challenge you as much as it will entertain you. The game consists of several levels which gradually increase in difficulty. In order to beat each level, you need to think logically and your reflexes will be tested as well! With every new level, the game gets more complex, so if you are up for some challenging fun.

Plactions is a logic puzzle game based on different types of plications. In this game, you will have to sort the cube so that all of its faces are visible from any one side. Sounds easy but it is not as there are many plications with which you will have to deal with. It is an online logic grid-based puzzle game that can be played by players of all ages. So go ahead and play Plactions today and enjoy the game.

How to play Plactions

Controls AD / left and right arrow keys = move W / up arrow key / X / space = action R = reset Esc / B = back

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