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Scratch & Guess Celebrities

Scratch & Guess Celebrities is a free and family-friendly party game that has you playing as either the blue or red team. The objective of the game is to guess 3 different famous people in 60 seconds using visual clues. You can access this game by clicking on Scratch & Guess Celebrities, then Game Crafter, and finding it in the games section. There are three rounds with different celebrities to guess in each round. Each team has 10 cards at their disposal with 9 red cards, which means you can only use 1 blue card each time. Team members take turns flipping over a card and asking questions to try and determine who that person is. If the other team member doesn’t know, they reveal their blue card and give them a chance to switch back to a red card if they’re correct about who that person is. If not, then their team loses that round. 

This game is an exciting and challenging new quiz game with a unique visual style and user experience. It’s a perfect time killer that will test your knowledge of celebrities and their famous quotes. You have 10 seconds to look at the picture, find as many hidden words as possible, then scratch them off to reveal a word or phrase. Sounds simple? It’s not! This game will keep you on your toes and test your wits! Are you up for the challenge? 

This one is filled with fun images of your favorite celebrities. Each image features a pixelated celebrity that you must identify by selecting one answer from the list of possible answers. This fast-paced game will test your general knowledge and test your ability to recognize famous people. Challenge your friends and family to see who knows their favorite stars best! How many can you guess? 

Scratch & Guess Celebrities is a fun family game where you instantly recognize the famous faces but can’t quite put your finger on their names. This addictive app will test your knowledge of celebrities, and the game difficulty increases with each round. Can you beat this word game? Start playing now to find out! 


How to play Scratch & Guess Celebrities

Using Mouse

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